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Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, located in eastern Tennessee on the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, is a mecca for all kinds of outdoor recreational activities such as camping, hiking, visiting outdoor water parks, listening to country music, and the like.

The first Europeans to settle in the region came from the Carolinas through the Great Indian Path, then down the Little Pigeon River, and followed the Little Pigeon Creek to reach their new home.

Following the conclusion of the American Revolutionary War, the region earned the name “the Lost State of Franklin.”

The city gets its name from two different sources: the passenger pigeons that paused to eat on beech tree nuts on the riverbanks and the forge, of course, for the iron works, which was one of the earliest companies and was built in 1820 by Isaac Love.

Place to Visit 100 Miles within Pigeon Forge

It is a young city – its beginnings are in agriculture, and according to demographic data from 1807, there were just 154 people living there. Pigeon Forge, on the other hand, began to develop into what it is now when the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was established in 1940.

It was formed in 1961, and in the last 25 years, it has grown to have a permanent population of 5,456 people as well as an annual tourist population of 11 million. In this article, we will talk about what you will find 100 miles within Pigeon Forge. So, let’s get started!

Brasstown, NC

Brasstown is the name of the community that may be found immediately next to the John C. Campbell Folk School grounds. It’s not as large as a town, it doesn’t weigh as much as a town, and the best way to describe it is as a little “artisan village,” but it’s much smaller than that.

I’m not sure whether it’s even a true town. I only make this joke since Brasstown is a place that you just cannot miss if you are in the vicinity. At the intersection of Old US 64 and Brasstown Road, there are several stores and galleries located on the side of the road next to the folk school campus.

Tiger, GA

In the very northeastern corner of Georgia, in Rabun County, you’ll find the town of Tiger. The village is situated at the foot of Tiger Mountain, a notable peak in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which rises to a height of 2,856 feet. In the year 1904, it became a corporation.

There is a prevalent belief that the Tiger acquired its name from one of two different tales. The first reason is that it got its name from a Cherokee leader who went by the moniker Tiger Tail. The second explanation, which is also the most plausible, is that the name originated from the howls of roving panthers.

The Tiger Drive-In, Tiger Mountain Vineyards, and Stone Creek Vineyards are among the most popular tourist destinations in the town of Tiger.

Murphy, NC

The town of Murphy, which can be found in the Cherokee County of North Carolina, is renowned for its extensive cultural heritage. If you have always had the desire to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some time in the mountains, Murphy is probably the best spot for you to be right now.

This picturesque mountain community, which has a total population of 1,627 people, is nestled away in the hills, providing it with a secluded setting that is conducive to rest and relaxation. You may also take in the stunning views, converse with intriguing locals, dine and drink, and educate yourself on the history of the area.

In addition to that, this alpine village is not difficult to reach. The airport that is most convenient for the community is situated fifty miles away in Knoxville.

Balsam Grove, NC

North Carolina’s Transylvania County includes the towns of Balsam Grove, Brevard, Cedar Mountain, Lake Toxaway, Penrose, Pisgah Forest, Rosman, and Sapphire.

In the Land of Waterfalls, you’ll find big-time excitement with the quaint allure of little towns. Pisgah National Forest, Gorges State Park, and Dupont State Forest are the three parklands that you may visit in order to experience the great outdoors and some of the region’s 250 waterfalls.

At the Brevard Music Center and the Paul Porter Center for the Performing Arts, you may experience some of the best entertainment around.

After seeing our bustling downtown area, which is filled with artists, galleries, one-of-a-kind stores, and unique eateries, you may pick the ideal location to stay, which can range from small bed and breakfasts and excellent hotels to tranquil cottages and luxurious residences.

Mills River, NC

The town of Mills River is situated in an ideal location between the towns of Asheville and Hendersonville. Both of them have seen tremendous and ongoing expansion over the course of the last decade in terms of the number of independently owned stores, restaurants, breweries, and festivals.

You have chosen to make your home in the valley that lies between the two cities rather than in either of their respective downtown areas. Both of these wonderful places may be reached in a span of twenty minutes.

In addition, Greenville, South Carolina, the state’s second biggest and fastest-growing city, is just a comfortable drive of thirty minutes away from where you are. Asheville Regional Airport can be reached by car in less than ten minutes, making it possible to board a flight to the majority of the country’s main cities whenever you feel the need.

The nature of this valley makes it such that you are not even aware that there is an airport in the vicinity, and that is part of the mystery. The calm and stillness of the sky are just as it ought to be.

Scott, TN

Around the year 1785, the first people to settle in the area that would later be known as Scott County, Tennessee, did so near the New River and the tributaries that flowed into it. There, they constructed farms and began cultivating the land.

Along the banks of the river and in the streams that flowed into it were where the first settlements in the region were founded. The inhabitants decided to remain in the area because of the pleasant weather, which included copious rainfall, as well as the rich terrain and many natural resources.

Robbins, TN

Robbins, TN is a small town located just under 100 miles from Pigeon Forge. Located in Fayette County, Robbins is home to a variety of historical sites and attractions, including the Sweetwater Valley Historical Museum which showcases artifacts from the city’s past, as well as its many old churches.

The surrounding area also offers plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking on nearby trails and fishing in surrounding streams.

Boone, TN

It is another great destination located about 96 miles away from Pigeon Forge. This small town is a popular destination for its proximity to several large lakes and rivers, which provide plenty of opportunities for swimming, boating, kayaking, fishing, and more.

In addition to outdoor recreational activities, Boone offers its visitors multiple historical attractions including the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Library & Museum and the Boone Heritage Center & Museum.

Turtletown, TN

Turtletown is approximately 90 miles away from Pigeon Forge but makes for an unforgettable journey into Appalachia culture.

Visitors can explore its many historic sites such as the Turtletown Baptist Church or experience its rich musical heritage with a visit to one of the local bluegrass festivals held throughout the year.

Additionally, Turtletown provides ample opportunities for leisurely activities like birdwatching at nearby Fort Mountain State Park or simply enjoying a picnic lunch in one of its many scenic parks.

Saxton, KY

Saxton is situated only 93 miles away from Pigeon Forge and makes for an ideal getaway spot for those looking to explore some of Kentucky’s most spectacular scenery. It’s home to several beautiful lakeside parks for canoeing and kayaking or fishing off the dock.

In addition to outdoor recreation choices Saxton also has multiple historical landmarks such as
Saxton Station Historic Marker and Old Saxton Schoolhouse that are sure to delight any history

Swannanoa, NC

Swannanoa NC is located only 94 miles away from Pigeon Forge making it an ideal spot for weekend trips or longer stays alike!

Along with being home to Warren Wilson College – a private liberal arts college – Swannanoa also features The Swannanoa Valley Museum & History Center where visitors can learn about this mountain community’s rich history through exhibits on textiles crafts, traditional farming practices, and more!

With so much natural beauty all around it’s no wonder why outdoor enthusiasts flock here with opportunities such as hiking along the Appalachian Trail or camping in nearby mountainsides with breathtaking views!

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