Rental Policies

CHECK IN TIME is at 4PM EST Guest will be texted if the property is ready sooner. I will also text you if anything comes up that is beyond my control that will keep you from checking in at 4pm.

CHECK OUT TIME is at 10AM EST. To avoid additional charges, please abide by our check out time and procedures! Cleaners have limited time to prepare property for the next guests. If Guest stays past the check-out time and interferes with cleaners coming to prepare for the next guests, Guest will be billed $25 an hour for every hour the cleaners needs or if they must hire additional staff.

CANCELATION POLICY. Complete refund if you cancel 31 days before check in. 50% of money paid will be refunded if cancelation is before 14 days before check in. Anything from canceling one day to 13 days before will result in no refund.

NO PETS    We love our two dogs, but we want to provide a wonderful property for our guests so if ours stay home yours need to as well.  

NO DRUGS    No illegal substances are permitted on the property at any time.

NO SMOKING  This property is strictly non-smoking, including the balcony. This includes cigarettes, cigars, vaping, e-cigarettes, pipes, and loose tobacco with rolling papers. Smoking in the property is a serious breach of contract and will result in additional charges and possible eviction. You will lose your security deposit should any evidence of any type of smoking has taken place and be charged to have the odor eliminated which can be awfully expensive.

PARKING There is a free parking.

INABILITY TO DELIVER PROPERTY In the event that the Distinctive Getaways is unable to deliver the property to the guest due to excessive damage from a previous guest, fire, flood, Act Of God Owner will refund all monies tendered. If any of the other Distinctive Getaways are available owner will offer them at the same cost as an alternative.

USE OF PROPERTY Guests shall keep the Property as clean and as safe as the conditions of the they found it in on arrival. Guest shall cause no unsafe or unsanitary conditions in the premises, the common areas or pool areas.

APPLIANCES/EQUIPMENT Every effort will be made to ensure that all appliances and equipment are in working order. If you experience a problem during business hours, please text/call Laurie at 615-497-4012 and I will do my best to get your issued resolved. There will be no refunds due to inoperable appliances, WIFI, TV’s, elevators, community pool or community hot tub.

FURNITURE Please leave the furniture the way you found it. If you feel the need to rearrange it and you may damage the walls, the furniture, the floors.

DAMAGES, ACCIDENTS HAPPEN!  We do not charge a security fee however if we find excessive stains on large towels or comforters and sheets we will throw them away and ask that you compensate us. Towels will be $25 dollars and all comforters and sheets will be $75. Guest will agree to Venmo the money or send a check.

KEY CODE The code to gain access will be emailed to you 48 hours before check-in

CHECK OUT Is easy! Please take out the garbage, run the dishwasher, leave all towels on the bathroom floor and sheets on the bed!  That is, it!

HOLD HARMLESS Guest is responsible for his/her actions and all parties associated with them in the condo and at the pool. Guest agrees to hold the owner harmless from any injuries or guest injuries sustained while renting. 

ITEMS LEFT Guest will not hold the owner responsible for any claim or loss of guest’s valuables. If anything is left, we will do our best to send it back to you.

Drivers License or Government ID Since our properties are contact free check-ins and WE DO NOT CHARGE a security deposit we ask that the person who made the reservation text us a picture of an ID 3 days before check-in.

Please text it to 615-497-4012

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